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Map Resource Links

Maps are helpful, both in identifying the locations identified by your ancestral research, but changes in political (or sometimes natural) boundaries can provide insight both into movement and cultural expectations for them.

Please note that all of these will take you away from the SBCGS site.

David Rumsey Map Collection
This collection of historical maps focuses on rare 18th and 19th maps of North and South America.
Newberry Library: Maps, Travel, and Exploration
The Newberry Library, an independent research library located in Chicago, hosts this collection of maps related to travel.
Atlas of Historical County Boundaries
This service of the Newberry Library in Chicago provides maps that detail the changes of county boundaries in the United States.
USGS Stream Map
This unique, interactive map service from the United States Geological Survey details the rivers and streams of the United States. It traces both upstream and downstream, and can provide insight into why your ancestors moved where they did.

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