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SBCGS Summer Project

Posted Wednesday, June 19, 2019 by Robert and Michelle Streeter

Happy Summer, Everyone! We need help with our Summer Project. We are collecting your unwanted Genealogy Books for the Paradise Genealogical Society. The Camp Fire (Nov 2018) destroyed everything they had, and they are have not been able to provide help or research to their patrons, friends or visitors. Please bring your unwanted Genealogical Books (No Magazines at this time) to our next Meeting (July 17). They will be shipped to the Paradise Genealogical Society in September.

Welcome to Our New Website

Posted Monday, July 07, 2014 by Brad Spear / Updated Monday, July 07, 2014 by Brad Spear

You should be able to find almost everything on this site that you found on our old site and much more. Missing are the picture gallery of cemetery markers as these are now all on Find-a-Grave, and perhaps some old meeting information that is no longer relevant (but even some of that may find its way back for those interested in the history of SBCGS).

If you think something else is missing, please let me know, since the site is still in development and may be a little rough in places.

As we continue to grow this website, we intend to add more information and make it easier to access. We also want to hear from our members who want to add their own voice. Check out our blog for an easy way to get started.

Although the aim of this site is to promote our group's mandate of providing genealogical education and research to all who ask, we will also soon support a membership-only feature, providing additional benefits, such as archive copies of The Beacon, and lecture notes from many of our speakers. We expect to add more as time goes on.

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