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This section contains resources and links to help you find your ancestors. Here you will find access to many of the web's "points of light" that can help you. There are genealogical societies (like South Bay Cities Genealogical Society), vital records, maps, and even non-genealogical sites that will still be of use.

While you may not have access to library resources as impressively old-school as the stacks in the Long Room at Trinity College in Ireland (seen to the right), you can find an even more impressive results on the Internet, both on the World-Wide-Web and other services that are less well known such as mailing lists for a particular surname. You may also find exactly what you need from the SBCGS Library. Check our catalog.

And for the technologically adventurous, the rough-and-tumble world of older Internet methods such as FTP and newsgroups can sometimes yield hidden treasures or even source codes for helping you to write your own software programs.

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