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This website is the official site of South Bay Cities Genealogical Society (SBCGS), serving the South Bay area of Southern California. More information is available on our About page.


All information on this site is available, without charge, for use in your own research, though some material may require membership in SBCGS to access.

You may not incorporate any information from this site into your own materials for sale, except as defined by United States and international copyright law for fair use. Such use should include a reference to SBCGS using our full name (South Bay Cities Genealogical Society) on the first such reference, and a link to the base URL for this site, Information that is identified with a specific author must also include that author's name.

Under no circumstances are you permitted to represent any material copied from this site as created by you. After all, that is really not fair to the original author.


Links to the pages of this site are permitted. Note that page locations may change over time.

Use of embedded linking (such as linking to a graphic used on this site) is not permitted since such use could endanger our service. Also, please do not download any graphics — some are used by license with other parties and will be subject to their copyright, and some are copyright by SBCGS.

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For permission to use anything beyond the fair use permitted under copyright law, please contact us.

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