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SBCGS Website Privacy Policy

Last updated: 29 October 2016.

The Information We Collect

We collect very little information from you for this website. This may include standard information returned by your browser. It may also include information about if you have an account on this site. (This is currently a limited feature.)

We collect this information to provide a more personal experience on the site, and to provide a means for contacting you when necessary, and only for purposes related directly to the running of this site or the maintenance of your account on it.

The Information We Share

We do not share your information with any commercial business or any other non-profit organization, except with your permission. The only exception to this is a valid request from a legitimate law-enforcement or similar government organization.

Your Options for Correcting Information

Accounts are currently limited to SBCGS membership and your user ID is derived from your name when the account is first created. This may not be changed except by a direct request to the Board of Directors of SBCGS (BoD). You may contact them using the Webmaster email address provided in The Beacon, or by using the contact form provided on this site, and identifying your question area as Website.

The only items we directly collect, your name and your email address, may be changed by you at any time. This access is provided on the Member Profile page, which offers a

Changes to This Policy

Changes to this policy will be announced on the front page of this site, and through the SBCGS mailing list.

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